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Asphalt Maintenance


Asphalt Maintenance.

Rock Solid Paving & Excavating, Inc. has experience in Asphalt Pavement Maintenance consisting of hot mix asphalt (hma) patching, sealcoating, crackfilling, and striping. Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Patching consist of Surface Only patches or Full-Depth patches. Surface Only patches require grinding with our skid-loader mounted rotomill machine a proper butt joint depth, broom and/or power blow clean the patch area, tack coat the existing asphalt pavement surface throughout , place and level one to two inches (1” to 2”) of a HMA Surface mix, and properly compact with a proper sized vibratory roller.  Full-Depth patching is needed for a more distressed or deteriorated asphalt pavement.  It consist of sawcutting the perimeter of the severely deteriorated or block-cracked (alligatored) area to the full depth of the existing asphalt pavement, removing the pavement section(s) with our track or wheel loaders, tack coating the patch perimeter edges, and hot mix asphalt (HMA) patch with a HMA binder course and HMA Surface course for patch depths greater than three inches (3″)

Seal Coating.
Our commercial-grade coal-tar or asphalt-based sealers provide our customer’s asphalt pavements continued attention to extend the life-cycle of their pavement to its fullest.  Call today to give your surface the new, shiny look of a fresh sealcoat.

Here at Rock Solid Paving we’ve been striping Parking Lots in Illinoisand Indiana for many years.  Striping typically consists of a latex or oil based traffic-grade paint installed by an airless striping machine.  Each and every successful striping job starts out with a pre-approved layout plan or a project blueprint followed by chalk lining all critical aspects of the striping layout plan.  See our photo gallery for examples of many successful striping results to our successful paving projects.